Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting


At Maui Roadsters, we take your safety seriously; even from COVID-19

Starting at the end of February 2020 when the virus started moving its way around the world, we took it upon ourselves to put into place an enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocol for all of our speedsters.  This includes all frequently touched surfaces.

We had always been meticulous with keeping our cars clean and sharp looking, but in this day and age we had to consider minimizing the risk of virus transmission.

We thoroughly clean and disinfect our vehicles before every trip. Frequently touched surfaces (hot spots) such as:

  • Exterior door handles and “frunk” latch
  • Interior door handles
  • Rearview mirror
  • Steering wheel
  • Seat belts and buckles
  • Shift knob
  • Radio knobs
  • All other switches, etc. (lights, turn signals)
  • Gas cap
  • Key and key chain