Cloudy Days

Feb 05

Can't really complain about cloudy days on Maui when most of the mainland is below freezing.  Its also nice to have the rain naturally clean the island and create a lush green canvas.  The beauty never ends.  Take advantage of your time here on the isl… Read More

Relics of the Past

Feb 04

Take the time to discover the unique history of Maui. There are places all over the island where relics from the past have stood the test of time. These moments in history spark the imagination and are great places for pictures. This picture is a WWII mac… Read More


Jan 08

Maui is a place that you fall in love with, sometimes its at first sight, other times its something that grows on you.  Take to the road and visit the places off the maps, that is where you will discover Maui. We took a wrong turn today and found another… Read More

Visitor Channel Commercial

Jan 06

Maui Roadsters is a unique activity that you will never forget. Professional reproductions of the classic 1957 Porsche 356 Speedster have found a home on Maui for all to enjoy. Experience the thrill and joy of driving a sporty piece of history. Read More

Welcome to Maui's Original Activity

Dec 13

Maui Roadsters officially opens its doors today with the launching of its website.  Stop by and check out the cool cars behind the 76 station on South Kihei Rd. Read More